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Shadows of the Past
The Story

The building blazed with fire. Brooke Stapelton watched in horror as her home was destroyed, along with her parents. She felt a firm hand on her shoulder and turned to see her twin sister Sophia. They were fraternal twins and didn't look anything alike. They had different personalities as well.

"We have to leave," Sophia whispered.

Brooke shook her head in defiance. "No," she said in the same soft voice. "I'm not leaving them."

Sophia let out a heavy sigh. "They're gone, Brooke. And we don't have any other family. There's nothing left for us here."

Brooke hated to admit it, but her sister was right. The thought of leaving the home she always knew pained her. But staying would be useless. Nothing could ever be the same again. "Where will we go?" she asked, swallowing a lump in her throat.

"I don't know," Sophia admitted sadly. "We just have to go far away from here. They'll be after us." She turned around. "Come on. Let's go."

Brooke nodded slowly. She took one last glance at the house she once knew and love. With a heavy heart, she followed her sister into the unknown.

The Santa Clause and characters belong to Disney

The plot belongs to me, Dani MacInnes