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Shadows of the Past
The Story

An original fanfic based on the Disney trilogy, The Santa Clause

This site is dedicated to my Santa Clause fanfic. It revolves around the character Bernard. Feel free to look around. I'll have more stuff up as I write more of the story.


November 7, 2007: Chapter 1 is up!

October 23, 2007: The site is officially open! Have a look a round. The prologue and character list are up.

Summary: Twin teenage girls show up at the North Pole. One is a logical thinker who doesn't believe any of it. The other is a creative thinker who refuses to grow up. What happens when the latter tries to befriend Bernard? Will she be able to help him let go of his past and open up? BernardOC CurtisOC

The Santa Clause and characters belong to Disney

The plot belongs to me, Dani MacInnes