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Fellowship at Montverde Academy
Main Characters

The Fellowship


Dani is a Sophomore at the academy. She is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is extremely patriotic. She plays soccer, baseball, and takes equestrian lessons. She is calm and friendly. She generally gets along with everyone. The only time she gets really riled up is when she's talking about the Minnesota Vikings or the Twins.


Shelly is Dani's younger sister. She is in 7th grade. She is quiet around people she doesn't know. Around her friends she is loud and can get a little bossy. She takes equestrian lessons. She is smart and hard working. She loves singing and dreams of becoming a star.


Marissa is one of Shelly's roommates. She is from New Jersey. She participates in orchestra and track and field. She is a bit unusual. She is always saying random, weird things. She loves Pokemon and pirates.


Taylor is Shelly and Marissa's roommate. She's from San Antonio, Texas. She has great pride in her state. She's obsessed with the Dallas Cowboys. She loves talking about football with Dani. She takes equestrian lessons. She is confident and knows what she believes. She loves volleyball and plays when she can.


Nick is in 8th grade. He is from New Jersey. This is his second year at the academy. He loves theatre and wants to be an actor. He can be stubborn and hard-headed, but he values loyalty. He doesn't like sports. He loves to goof off and knows how to have fun. He's obsessed with Celine Dion.


Kaylie is a freshman. She is from Tennessee. This is her third year at the academy. She has been friends with Nick for a year. She is joyful and care-free. She is always looking to have a good time. She enjoys basketball, photography, and equestrian riding.


Corrie is Kaylie's roommate. This is also her third year. She is from Michigan. She is very weird and random. She is always joking around and making her friends laugh. She doesn't take life too seriously. She plays soccer.


Skye is the sister of Dani's roommate, Alyssa. She is from Canada. She is a freshman. She plays soccer. She is independent and likes to take charge. She is very creative and loves designing things. She is obsessed with the Jonas Brothers, particularly Joe Jonas. She helps to make sure the Fellowship stays together.


Katy is Skye's roommate. Shis from New York. She plays baseball and participates in equestrian riding. She is very sweet and kind. She is always there when her friends need her. She tries to make sure they all get along. She is obsessed with the New York Yankees. She can often be seen talking about baseball with Dani. Everyone loves to have her around.

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Written by Dani MacInnes