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All About Rats!

Cages and Bedding/Nesting Material

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Cages and Bedding/Nesting Material
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How to Choose a Rat



The cage is the largest expense in buying a rat. A good sized cage for one or two rats is 20 in. long by 10 in, wide by 12 in, high. A wire-frame cage is good if the space between the bars is no larger than 1/2 in. A rat-sized bird cage makes a good home for a pet rat. The perches and ladders are fun for rats to play on. The last option is a glass aquarium. They make pretty decent cages.


Bedding is needed on the floor of the cage to keep your rat comfortable and warm and to help deoderize the cage. There are many types of bedding available. Wood shavings are a popular and good choice. But do not use Cedar shavings. They can cause severe iritation to your rat. Pine is better and is harmless to rats.

Nesting Material

Your rat will love some nesting material to put in it's bed box and build a nest to sleep on. Soft paper bedding is the best choice because it is the safest for rats. But you don't have to buy nesting material. You can easily tear up strips ofunscented toilet paper or paper towels.